Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Back To School!

That dreaded time of the year is back and this year, I am going to kick it's ass. Yes, I am going back to school tomorrow and unlike most of the people I know, I am pretty pumped up for it! Am I the only teenager in the history of ever that doesn't mind going back and actually enjoys getting a new schedule and new books? There's just something refreshing about a different order of lessons and writing neatly on that first new page in an exercise book (even though it will inevitably become a scrawl by the end of the year). 

All day I have been preparing for tomorrow, my clothes are out and ready for me to change into and I have my makeup (minimal) out on my windowsill so I don't have to root around for it in the morning. My alarm is set (that may be the worst part of back to school). I even tidied my room so things are easier to find and I don't step on something when I make a tired trip to the bathroom to get ready.

It's crazy because last year at school seemed to last forever, probably because of all of the drama and bad times. It was by far my worst school year but hopefully this year will be different. Summer seems to have gone by really quickly but at the same time it seems like it was a while ago since I was sat in maths on a Friday, just waiting for the bell to ring so I could go home. 

In summer I read a total of 14 books and bought 24...that is the most books I have ever bought in a 6 week time period. At the moment I am reading Fangirl! There will be a review posted once I have finished it. When I get back to school I won't have as much time to read but I will have morning registration time (40 minutes) and after school. Hopefully my Instagram and blog won't suffer too much from the lack of time to write and photograph. 

To anyone that is also back at school tomorrow, have fun and try to enjoy yourself as stupid as that may sounds since it's school. To people that already at school, keep working hard! And to people who don't go to school yet for a bit longer (if there are those people), you are lucky. Make the most of the rest of your summer!

Bye for now, 

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